Create an expenditure

An expenditure is a payment or disbursement. There are a couple of different ways to add an expenditure in NationBuilder.

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In the Finances section, click New Donation and choose New expenditure from the drop down.

Or within a profile, go to Finances > $x.xx Expenditures > New expenditure.

You can categorize expenditures using finance types and tracking codes.

  • Finance types are managed in Settings > Defaults > Finance types.

  • Tracking codes are managed in Finances > Tracking codes.

You’ll need to include a payment type.

You can mark an expenditure as being in support of a person/organization or in opposition of a person/organization.

Expenditures can be refunded or deleted.

People or organizations connected to an expenditure cannot be deleted from your database. You’ll need to delete the expenditure first.

Expenditures can be exported from the Finances section.

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