How to share a website

You can share a site with another nation, allowing that nation to use the site.

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Sharing a site

Some reasons to use site sharing:

  1. You manage a national organization and want to provide a website framework for local chapters. By sharing the site with other nations, you give them the opportunity to get started with a site created exactly for their needs.

  2. As a designer, you want to share a site's architecture and design with your clients. By sharing a custom theme, a client's website can have the unique look / feel you've created. By sharing a site, a client's website can have the same page structure, including copy and images, that you've already designed.

๐Ÿ“ŒNote : Site sharing is no longer available within the same nation.ย 

Go to Website > [Site Name] > Site settings > Sharing.

1. You need to provide a name of the site in order to share it. The description can explain what type of site you've shared or you can provide a list of the pages included in your site.

2. To share the site with another nation, enter the nation's slug in the "Share with nation" field.ย 

3. You'll need to check the box next to "Include user submitted pages" for those pages to be included in the copy of the site.

4. To complete the process, click the Share Site button.

What information is included in a shared site?

When you create a new site from a site type, the following information is (and isn't) copied over from the template.

Creating a site from a shared site

Once a site is shared with your nation, it will appear at the top of the list of Site Types when you create a new site. Go to Website > + New site.

Select Clone from a shared site. Sites shared with your nation will be listed in the dropdown menu. Be sure to select the shared site - it will then be highlighted in blue and the name will turn blue. Then click the Launch site button.

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