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Understanding the HandyNation Add-on
Understanding the HandyNation Add-on
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HandyNationApp is a compact version of your NationBuilder CRM. Along with default CRM features of NationBuilder, it has additional features like Canvassing with Survey on field, event RSVP/Check-in and CMS panel to manage contents of your NationBuilder site.

  1. A 3rd-party application built by a NationBuilder certified agency that allows you to manage many NationBuilder functionalities from a mobile device, including:

    • Editing profiles

    • Creating lists and filters

    • Canvassing

    • Turf cutting

    • Survey creation

    • Event management

  2. Why would I buy HandyNation as an add-on instead of directly through the Agency?

    It’s cheaper to buy the app directly through NationBuilder.

  3. I bought the HandyNation app - now what?
    NationBuilder will confirm receipt of your add-on purchase. Once that confirmation is received you’ll be able to register your nation (admin permissions required) and HandyNation will automatically be enabled in your account.

  4. What happens if I decide to downgrade to Starter/Leader?

    Many of the features available in HandyNation don’t work with our lower-tiered plans, but we can help you retain access to the app itself if you decide to downgrade.

  5. Who handles HandyNation support - NationBuilder or HandyNation?

    HandyNation does! You can login here to create a support ticket with them.

  6. Do I get a discount on the add-on because I’m on an annual plan?

    No; the HandyNation add-on is $50/mo or $600/year.

  7. HandyNation charges per control panel user when you buy from them directly - how does that work in the context of the add-on?

    The $50/mo cost for the add-on will cover any control panel users you choose to add.

  8. Will canvassing automatically work?

    No. You will need to generate and add your own Google Maps API key.

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