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Managing cookie consents with Cookiebot
Managing cookie consents with Cookiebot

Once you've setup a Cookiebot cookie banner, you will have access to a comprehensive log of cookie consents

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What is a cookie declaration?

A cookie declaration, or cookie policy, is where site visitors can review every type of cookie tracked on your website along with a brief explanation of what these cookies accomplish. The NationBuilder website uses a Cookiebot cookie declaration page for this purpose.

Using Cookiebot, the cookie declaration page is automatically populated for you with a general cookie introduction (that you can edit), the visitor's current consent selection and date of last consent, an option for the site visitor to change their consent, and a table listing all cookies and trackers identified by Cookiebot's scan of your site.

Understanding your cookie declaration page

When someone visits your website for the first time, they will see your cookie banner asking for their permission to track their activity with cookies. In order to give them the option to change their consent at will, you will need to set up a cookie declaration page and publish it on your site.

By default, the cookie declaration script provided by Cookiebot includes a link offering users the ability to change their consent,

When clicked, this link will re-prompt users with your cookie banner so they can make adjustments.

Once a visitor has selected a consent, they can also see what their current settings are, the date of their last consent, and a consent ID.

The "consent ID" is the ID number the visitor can reference if they ask you any questions about their current consent data, which you can pull from your consent log.

How to view consent data

Consent expiration

With a free Cookiebot account, site visitor consent will expire once every 12 months and they will be prompted to give their consent again. However, under the User consents section, you will see a "Renew now" button that gives you the option to re-prompt site visitors for their consents manually.

Consent logs

In Cookiebot, under User consents, you'll see a button labeled "Download log". This button allows you to download all user consent data collected for your website.

📌 Note: The consent statistics graph is only available with a Premium Cookiebot subscription. You should still be able to download a CSV of your consent history using the "Download log" button.

You can learn more about Cookiebot's demonstration of user consents functionality on their website.

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