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NationBuilder's Cookiebot cookie banner FAQ
NationBuilder's Cookiebot cookie banner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about NationBuilder's integration with Cookiebot

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How does the Cookiebot banner compare with the NationBuilder analytics only banner?

Analytics-only banner

Cookiebot banner

  • Blocks any analytics cookies configured in your Analytics settings (Google or Chartbeat) until a site visitor accepts them

  • Can link out to a privacy policy page configured by you

  • Logs cookie consent activities with NationBuilder, which are visible on profiles as a consent type if the user is logged into your website at the time of their consent selection

  • Automatically identifies and categorizes cookies loading on your site and displays them in a banner and a cookie declaration page provided by Cookiebot

  • Allows site visitors to accept or reject cookies per category

  • Allows site visitors to update their consent preferences at any time

  • Regularly checks your site for any changes to the cookies being set

  • Allows you to determine the style and placement of your banner

  • Logs cookie consent activities in Cookiebot which you can download at any time for easy accessibility

What features can I access by upgrading to a Premium Cookiebot plan?

  1. Add multiple websites to a single cookiebot account to allow consents to carry across sites

  2. Set a custom automated consent window (default is 12mo)

  3. Customize the appearance of your consent banner (including a logo).

  4. Only display the consent banner in certain regions

  5. Customize your cookie declaration page

  6. View consent statistics

  7. Set the banner consent method based on site visitor location

Why was I only given the option to configure a Premium Cookiebot account?

If your website is larger than 100 pages, Cookiebot will ask for your credit card details and automatically put you on the pricing plan that reflects the size of your website.

If your website is smaller than 100 pages, you can use a Free Cookiebot account. Your account will remain free as long as you don't exceed the 100 page limit.

I need help with my Cookiebot account. Should I contact the support team of NationBuilder or Cookiebot?

Please reach out to the NationBuilder Support team with any questions you have about configuring your Cookiebot account.

You may be able to find the answer you're looking for in the Cookiebot support documentation, but please reach out to us directly if you don't!

I have multiple websites. Should I set up a separate Cookiebot account for each site?

That depends. You can set up a distinct Cookiebot account for each site, which would be the way to go if each of your sites is smaller than 100 pages and you want to use the Free edition of Cookiebot.

If you do add multiple sites to the same Premium cookiebot account, you will have the option to collect visitor consent a single time for all of your sites at once (bulk consent). If you configure each site separately, a site visitor will have to give their consent on each individual site.

I have an analytics-only banner configured directly through NationBuilder. How do I switch to the Cookiebot banner?

In the Cookie banner section of your website, you will see 3 radio buttons, the first of which will be to set up a Cookiebot cookie banner. Once you've created a Cookiebot account and saved your settings in NationBuilder, the Cookiebot banner will immediately replace your previous NationBuilder Analytics-only banner.

πŸ“Œ Note: Do not save your cookie banner settings until Cookiebot has finished auditing the cookies on your site.

If you save the cookie banner settings before the scan is finished, an empty Cookiebot banner will be displayed on your website until it completes and cookies may be tracked for users who have not consented to that behavior. This can take up to 24 hours.

How do I configure Cookiebot to work with Google Tag Manager?

If you're using Google Tag Manager, you can combine it with Cookiebot's automated cookie blocking.
We automatically load the Cookiebot banner script into the {{ content_for_header }} liquid drop in your layout.html theme file, so you will need to move your Google Tag Manager script above this drop in order to follow this implementation.

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