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The Power of ActionButton + NationBuilder
The Power of ActionButton + NationBuilder

Create meaningful action in minutes with the engaging new tool.

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📌 Want to set up ActionButton now? Head to Contacts and billing > Add-ons.

ActionButton is a powerful and visually engaging new tool designed to attract, understand, and mobilize your supporters. It only takes a few clicks to build your button, share it with your community–on your NationBuilder site, on social media, or embedded elsewhere–and analyze the results.

Gain insights with one action or string together actions to create dynamic, multi-step engagement tools to increase utility and get more out of ActionButton.

Buttons include:

  • Sentiment and traditional polls

  • Quizzes

  • Donations

  • A volunteer carrousel

  • Signups

  • Petitions

  • Long-form opinions

As well as premium buttons for legislative advocacy available for an additional cost or included in Pro plans:

  • Email federal legislators (US/UK/CAN/AU/NZ)

  • Email state legislators (US/CAN/AU/NZ)

  • Call legislators (US/CAN/AU/NZ)

  • Tweet legislators (US/CAN/AU/NZ)

  • Enter a custom email target

The advocacy features allow you to create campaigns that enable supporters to directly contact their legislators in just a few clicks––making it quick and easy to send personalized messages to key elected officials that have a real impact on how policy is written.

Finally, ActionButton easily integrates with NationBuilder, so anyone taking action on a button can be added to an automation or automatically tagged within your nation, with metrics tracking tools in both platforms — even without a NationBuilder website!

All paid NationBuilder accounts come with two free ActionButtons per month. Get started with ActionButton now by navigating to your top right profile menu in the control panel and selecting Contacts and Billing > Add-ons. Or, learn more about what it can do for your organization.

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