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Understanding action types
Understanding action types

See all eleven types of buttons, including a description and animation of each button available for all plans.

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Buttons included in ActionButton Basic

Buttons included in ActionButton Plus

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ActionButton Basic


A standard poll designed to gain audience sentiment with a set of 2-4 text or numerical options.

Shows a poll type action button asking: Which of the following would you do to help a local animal shelter? Answers: Foster, Adopt, Volunteer, Donate.



A quiz with 2-4 text or numeric answers, designed to gauge audience understanding of a specific topic or issue area.

Sentiment Poll

An enhanced poll allowing the audience to answer along a sliding scale. Designed to gauge sentiment on topics with widely varying stances.


Typically used for numerical quizzes, the Dial offers audiences a range to estimate the answer. This can also be used as a poll if no answer is provided.


Donations targeted toward specific 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States.

Sign Up

Gather email addresses, names, and mobile phone numbers to invite your audience to opt-in to your communications.


A standard form designed to be used as either a petition or pledge to empower collective action behind critical issues.


A free-text form that gathers detailed reader sentiment to provide real insight into the varied viewpoints of an audience.

ActionButton Plus

Contact Your Lawmakers

Geo-located outreach for lawmakers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Learn how to create a button.

Lawmaker options available:

United States


United Kingdom

  • Senators

  • Representatives

  • Senators and Representatives

  • State Representatives

  • State Senators

  • State Senators and Representatives

  • Governors

  • MPs

  • MPPs

  • UK MPs

  • Scottish MSPs

  • Welsh MSs

  • Northern Irish MLAs

Custom Email Target

Email up to 8 decision-makers that have publicly available email addresses, regardless of your supporter's geolocation.

Identify targets that have publicly available email addresses and simply enter them in the settings of the button, upload an image, and encourage your audience to send them a message. Create an email template that your supporters will be able to edit before sending.

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