Website section quick-start guide

Everything you need to know to get your site up and running.

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The website section of NationBuilder houses everything you need to generate a beautiful site to welcome and engage your supporters.

Your nation comes pre-loaded with a selection of beautiful stock themes. You can choose one for your website to easily change the look and feel. Or, for a one-time fee you can purchase a premium theme from the Theme Marketplace.

Your website settings are where you can edit the overall controls for your website.

Learn why a custom domain is preferred for most nations and how to set it up.

Learn the details behind your website’s functionality so you can take full advantage of every page and truly make the site your own.

Every action page has settings that can be activated when a visitor takes an action on your site. Assign tags, paths, point people, membership status, and more.

Set up your payment processor to begin accepting online donations.

For deeper website support, visit the Website section of our HOWTO guides.

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