Communication section quick-start guide

Everything you need to get to know to get started reaching out to your supporters.

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The Communication section of NationBuilder houses everything you need to stay in touch with your supporters through email, phone, or texting.

The first step for sending communications is creating a broadcaster.

Adding a domain allows you to authenticate as a sender and increase your credibility to your audience. To get started, visit Settings > Domains.

Learn how to identify a precise audience of recipients and then send them a personalized email blast - from start to finish

Sending bulk emails is a powerful engagement tactic. It allows you to quickly and effectively message your subscribers with calls to action.

Learn how to read your email engagement metrics β€” open rate, bounce rate, etc. β€” so that you can improve your blasts' performance

Register your nation to begin sending text blasts.

For deeper People section support, visit the Communication section of our HOWTO guides.

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