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When profile information is synced, the receiving nation can choose to review changes to non-blank fields. When this sync option is chosen, both sending and receiving nations review data conflicts before any data is overwritten. You will be able to review changes to profiles that were matched between nations. At this time, it is not possible to resolve ambiguous matches. 

Please remember that blank fields are always filled in during a tag share with data sync, even when the receiving nation chooses to review changes. Additionally, addresses are never included in the review process and will be overwritten whenever they are updated.

The status of a tag share and synced data will be viewable in a series of boxes:

To review changes in the sending nation: 

Go to People > Tags > View all and click Edit next to the name of the shared tag you wish to review.

1. Go to Sharing > Shared with. Click on Edit next to the receiving nation.

2. Click on Unreviewed changes. You will see the conflicting data present in the two nations. You may also review the settings selected during the initial share including sync options, data being shared between the nations, and whether people will be created in the receiving nation if they do not currently exist. 

3. To accept a data change from the other nation check the box next to the selected field. Click Apply selected options. This will overwrite the data in your nation.

Any fields that need to be accepted by the other nation must be accepted within the receiving nation’s control panel. You can not select to overwrite another nation’s data.

You may skip certain fields by unchecking the appropriate checkboxes and clicking Skip. You can also skip whole profiles using the Skip button.

To review changes in the receiving nation: 

Go to People > Tags > View all and hover over and click Edit next to the name of the shared tag you wish to review.

Click on Unreviewed changes. Follow the same process as outlined above. Similarly, you may not overwrite the sending nation’s data from your control panel.

If conflicts are skipped or unreviewed, those fields will remain out of sync until the conflicts are resolved. Matched profiles will continue to sync, and blank fields will be filled. 

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