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Create an endorsement page
Create an endorsement page

Individuals and/or organizations can make endorsements. You can set a goal and feature important endorsements.

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📌 Note: Memberships are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

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Create an endorsement page

To create an endorsement page, got to Website > [Name of website] > + New Page.

1. Enter the name of the page and slug.

2. Select the Endorsements page type. 

3. Select the checkbox to include the page in top nav or supporter nav.

4. Click Create Page at the bottom.

📌 Note: We display the eight most used page types for your nation based on your settings and add-ons. To see all available pages simply click on 'Show all page types'.

Basic settings

To customize your endorsement page settings, visit Endorsement settings > Basics

On this page you can:

Set an endorsement goal, which will display a progress bar on the page.

You can ask or require supporters for their organization, picture, phone number, or address.

You can set a page endorsers will land on after they click to endorse you.

You can set auto-tags for anyone who endorses, assign them to a point person, give them a membership, or add them to a path.

When you're finished, click Save settings

Once generally set up, your endorsement page will look similar to this (depending on your website theme/customization choices):

Add content to your endorsement page

NationBuilder endorsement pages include an ‘Intro’ section where you can post a personal appeal. To customize that text, go to Endorsement settings > Intro. To add an image to the section, click on the image button. It's a free-form text field, so you have a lot of flexibility.

You can add additional content at Endorsement settings > Content.

Autoresponse email

An autoresponse email can be sent to your endorser, thanking them for their endorsement and encouraging them to get others to endorse you as well. 

You can edit this email at Endorsement settings > Autoresponse.

You can edit the email as you see fit, and be sure to click Save autoresponse email.

Endorsement via text

You can set up a text keyword so that supporters can endorse your organization via text message. Go to Endorsement settings > Text keywords.

1. Select your broadcaster.

2. Enter your keyword to endorse, e.g. "Text ENDORSE to..." or "Text "LOVE" to...

3. Enter the message that the endorser will receive if they send a text message.

4. Click Add keyword .

You can edit this at any time by hovering over a keyword and clicking Edit, or delete by clicking on arrow.

It will display similar to this on your endorsement page:

Add or edit endorsers

You can add/edit endorsers by visiting Endorsement settings > Endorsements. This is where you can chose to feature endorsements as well (Check the box next to "Feature this endorsement above the regular list"). 

You can add any information regarding your endorser here and click Add endorsement.

Download a CSV file of your endorsers

You can download a CSV file of your endorsers by visiting Endorsement settings > Download CSV

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