Create a moneybomb page

A moneybomb page collects commitments to donate (aka pledges).

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📌 Note: Text Messages are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

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Basic settings

Moneybomb pages are different from Donation pages. A donation page is actually connected to a bank account and takes donations immediately from supporters, whereas a moneybomb page collects commitments to donate (aka a pledge). This means you will still need to email everyone that pledges to donate to remind them to actually do so. 

Create your moneybomb page by going to Website > [Site Name], then clicking the New Page button.

1. Enter the name of the page and slug.

2. Select the Moneybomb page type. 

📌 Note: Based on what add-ons you have enabled for your nation, the featured pages may be different.

3. Select the checkbox to include the page in top nav or supporter nav.

4. Click Create Page at the bottom.

You will be directed to Moneybomb settings > Basics.

1. When the moneybomb will happen: This is the ending time/date, once this time/date hits, people who pledged will need to make their donation.

2. Length: How many days will the pledge timeframe run?

3. Default pledge amounts: You can enter default one-click amounts for pledgers.

4. (Optional) Minimum/Maximum pledge: Set a minimum and maximum pledge amount.

5. (Optional) Goal for amount pledged: If you enter a goal here, a progress bar will display on the moneybomb page so supporters can see how much progress has been made toward your goal.

6. (Optional) Goal for number of pledgers: You can enter the amount of supporters you'd like to have pledge. This will also display a progress bar on the moneybomb page so supporters can see how much progress has been made toward your goal.

7. Donation page to redirect to when moneybomb page is active: If you'd like people who pledge to be directed to an actual donation page, set that here by entering the slug of the page. For example, in the image above, the donor will be directed to the "Become a member" page.

8. (Optional) Tracking code: This code can be used later to isolate donation that were associated with a particular fundraising campaign or event. Any given pledge can only have one tracking code. To select a tracking code, make a choice from the dropdown menu.

9. Tag the pledger with: You can set tags for pledgers for easy filtering to find them later. (e.g. pledged, pledged-May 2018, etc.) This is highly useful when the moneybomb ends and you would like to quickly find all people who pledged to solicit their donation.

10. After pledging, what page should they land on next?: If you'd like people who pledge to be directed to another page after pledging, set that here by entering the slug of the page. 

📌 Note: If you want to present people with the option to donate immediately, you'll need to insert a link into the Moneybomb page that directs people to a normal donation page.

11. (Optional) assign a point person to the donor: if a point person does not already exist for that person’s profile. 

12. Save settings: When you're finished setting up your moneybomb page. 

Add content to your moneybomb page

NationBuilder moneybomb pages include an ‘Intro’ section where you can post a personal appeal. To customize that text, go to Moneybomb settings > Intro

To add an image to the section, click on the image button to include your image. It's a free-form text field, so you have a lot of flexibility.

Moneybomb pages, like other forms on the web, convert best when they include high-quality images. NationBuilder moneybomb pages allow you to upload a background image specific to that page. To upload an image of up to 2MB in size for your moneybomb page, navigate to the page in your control panel and go to Settings > Background image. Each NationBuilder public theme has different recommended sizes for background images, so make sure to optimize the size of your image for maximum effect.

Autoresponse email

An email will be sent to your pledgers as part of the autoresponse email. It will thank them for their pledge and invite them to share with others whom they think would be interested in pledging. You can edit the autoresponse email at Moneybomb settings > Autoresponse. Be sure to click Save autoresponse email when finished.

When time is up on a moneybomb page

Once the time frame you set is up, that means its time for the people who pledged to donate! To reach out to them via email or text blast:

First, find the people who pledged via filter in the People section. 

1. Click on the Filter button. 

2. Click Add Criteria, and search for the custom tag you set up on your page to track your pledgers. For example, moneybomb-may .

3. Click the Filter button.

4. Select the Actions button at the top of the page and click Add all to list...

Next, prep your email blast or text blast with the link to your donation page. When adding Recipients, select List under Matching, and use the dropdown menu to select your list of pledges. Click Save recipients (or Save and select theme). 

When you're ready, send or schedule your email or text blast!

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