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Where to start

We suggest creating separate broadcasters for different types of communication. For example, a nonprofit might have one broadcaster for the organization overall, another for the executive director, and another for the volunteer coordinator. You can then attach an email address, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, or any combination of these, to each broadcaster.

Broadcasters are completely separate from people in your database. You can set up a broadcaster so any point people in your nation will be able to send out blast messages to your nation, or so that only one person can send messages from a certain broadcaster.

All things related to communication live under the Communication tab.

Add a new broadcaster

To add a new broadcaster, go to Communication > Manage broadcasters and then click + New broadcaster

You can configure a broadcaster with the following forms of communication:

If you are on the Organization plan or above, you will have access to a virtual phone number for receiving voicemails. You can also enable text messaging and blasting. 

In the Communication dropdown, broadcasters are displayed by importance. Importance of a broadcaster is defined as the number of email and text blasts sent. So, they will show by assigned broadcasters (those whom only you can send a message from) and/or permission (those you have permission to view), sorted by importance. The menu will display a maximum of 5 broadcasters, but clicking Manage broadcasters will allow you to access all of your broadcasters. 

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