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How do I see the responses of a contact page?
How do I see the responses of a contact page?

Where to find the messages sent to you via your 'contact us' page.

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You can get notifications for completion of a feedback form in a few different ways. 

1. You can add yourself as a follower to your feedback page. Within your account settings (or in your profile, under Edit > Notifications) make sure that "Following people or pages" is checked next to the "Email new feedback" notification type. You should then receive notifications for feedback on just this page.

2. You can assign yourself as the point person for all people who leave feedback, and then check the "Assigned to you" checkbox of your notification settings. Note that this will only send you notifications for people who were not previously assigned to any point person in your database prior to leaving feedback. 

3. You can check the "Everyone" checkbox of your notification settings for "Email new feedback." This will make it so that you receive notifications of feedback submitted on any feedback page in your nation.

If you find that you're still not receiving notification emails containing the contents of the feedback submissions on your site, make sure that notification emails are fully enabled

You can review our HOWTO on Notification emails or email us [email protected] if you need anything else! 

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