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Gauge how effective your events are with tracking codes
Gauge how effective your events are with tracking codes

Events and tracking codes may not seem to be connected when looked at from afar, but up close you’ll realize how linked the two truly are.

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When you’re hosting an event intending to raise donations or pledges, it is helpful to know how effective you were in achieving that goal. Depending on how you feel about the outcome, you can emulate the preparation and hard work that went into that event, or you can iterate and learn from it. 


  • Set up a donation page and add a tracking code that directly correlates to an event, so even those that couldn’t attend have a way of supporting.

  • In the Finances section or on a supporter's profile, log the offline donations and attach the event's tracking code. Logging offline donations will help measure the sum of contributions from the event. 

  • Create a saved filter of the tracking code so you can keep tabs on the outcome. 

  • Keep track of the preparation that went into each event. So, for your next event, you can iterate on prior strategies to improve upon your fundraising objective. 

Tracking codes offer insight into the event, specifically with a fundraising lens, which will help measure the effectiveness of your strategy so that you can raise more money!

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