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How records are added to the People database
How records are added to the People database

The six ways profiles enter your nation

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There are a few ways prospects or supporters can enter your nation.

Importing a .CSV is the most common way to begin growing your People database, especially for newer nations. Read more on how to map fields and the best practices for keeping a clean list.

Importing a voter file creates a record for each individual voter and saves pertinent information such as district, party affiliation if applicable, and address. Note that email addresses are not included in voter files.

In the People section, clicking "New person" or selecting "New organization" from the dropdown will allow you to create a record in your database manually.

Website signups are a common way for supporters to enter your nation and consent to further communication from your broadcasters.

Leveraging ActionButton to bring supporters into your nation through action is a popular method for growing your nation's database.

​6. Send an email to a broadcaster

Another way that supporters or prospects can enter your database is if they email an address attached to your broadcaster. Note that this method does not ensure consent for further communication.

Including a recipient who is not already in your database in a 1:1 email from your broadcaster will not add them to your records.


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