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  • Displaying public profiles
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  • Personal fundraising pages

Displaying public profiles

A public profile is a page on your website displaying information about an individual supporter. If you'd like to display public profiles, you'll need to configure your website to do so.

Each profile includes publicly available information like social media accounts. A supporter can edit their profile using the account settings page on your website. And by adding a fundraising goal, the page transforms into a personal fundraising page. 

By default, public profiles are turned off. To display public profiles on your website, you’ll need to turn the feature on in Site settings. To turn on profiles for a website, go to Website > Site settings > Basic.

1. Check the box next to “Show public profiles." Another option in this area is whether to hide the sidebar in public profiles. Generally, you’ll want to keep the option checked.

2. Click the Save site button.

You also have the ability to decide whether or not an individual profile is displayed and whether that profile appears in search engines. This can be done in your control panel on a person's profile and via batch update. Supporters can also make the adjustments themselves by logging into your nation and going to the account settings page.

Information included

A public profile displays the following information:

  • supporter’s name
  • photo
  • short bio
  • website
  • Twitter handle
  • activity in your nation, including comments, event RSVPs, donations, pledges, suggestions, survey responses, and pages published
  • statement on why he supports your nation (optional)
  • fundraising goal and progress bar (optional)

If a supporter took an action on your website and chose not to display it publicly, that action will not be included in his public profile.

Profile photo

The photo displayed on a public profile is the same one you’ll see in a person’s profile within your control panel. By default, it will be either:

1. Twitter photo

2. Facebook photo

3. Generic avatar

If the supporter has both a Twitter account and a Facebook account connected to their profile, their Twitter photo will be shown. If neither, a generic avatar will appear. 

The default photo can be changed by uploading a new photo via the control panel or in account settings.

Control panel user updating profile photo

A control panel user can edit a profile from a user's profile under Profile > Settings.

Click on the Choose file button. Find the image you want to associate with the profile and upload it. A profile image must be square and the file cannot be larger than 56k.

Then click the Save profile button at the bottom of the screen.

Supporter updating profile photo from website

If public profiles are being displayed in your nation, a supporter can log into your website and navigate to their account settings page. On this page, in the "Public profile" section, they can upload a photo. How this is displayed changes depending on the website theme. The account settings page in the Presence theme has this button:

Once the image is attached, the supporter needs to click the Save public settings button to save changes. 

Personal fundraising pages

Public profiles can easily become personal fundraising pages.

1. Make sure your website is displaying public profiles, you have a payment processor, and you've published a donation page.

2. Ask supporters to sign into your nation and update their account settings.

Here is part of the account settings page from a website named Explaining NB:

Since Julie logged into her account settings and added a statement of support and committed to fundraising, her public profile was enhanced, as seen here:

When Julie committed to a fundraising goal on her account settings page, a progress bar was added to her profile. The contribute button includes her recruiter link, ensuring donations made by her friends are credited towards her fundraising goal.

Julie can now send a link to her page to all of her friends and when they donate to the nation, she will be credited as the fundraiser. 

With custom themes, the functionality of public profiles and account setting pages can be extended to encourage supporters to complete actions on your website. Using liquid, badges can be added to these pages when a supporter completes a particular action. A NationBuilder Architect can help build out these pages.

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