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Our most common questions on NationBuilder plans, add-ons, and bundles.

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How do I determine which plan is best for me?

Our plans are designed to fit organizations at different phases of growth. If you’re just beginning to organize and you want to quickly launch a basic website, database, and email operation, our Starter plan will help you get off the ground. For leaders and groups with growing communities, we recommend starting with our Pro plan, which will give you greater flexibility to add more advanced features whenever you need them, and a larger number of contacts in your database. Enterprise plans are for organizations that have already achieved some degree of scale or need extensive customization, advanced features, and dedicated account management.

All our plans are built for accessibility, with pricing based on your database size, and a mix of features designed to help you find, engage, and grow your community—whether you’re just getting started or engaging people worldwide.

Pro is our most popular plan for new customers—and our most flexible. With greater access to many of our most powerful features and a starting price that’s more affordable than our advanced Enterprise solutions, Pro is an ideal plan for most organizations and efforts engaging their communities with NationBuilder. You’ll have the tools you need to start truly understanding, communicating with, and organizing the people in your database out of the gate—plus, you can choose to add on features like memberships, email automations, permission sets, and sophisticated grassroots campaign tools on a monthly basis, whenever you need them.

What’s a “contact”?

Our software is "pay as you grow," which means that our pricing tiers are determined by the number of contacts in your database. A contact in NationBuilder is a person with an opted-in email address or phone number. For example, if you have 2,000 people in your database and 400 of them are contactable via email or text, you’d be in the Starter plan’s $34/mo tier that supports up to 500 contacts. Once you’ve successfully grown your community beyond 500 contactable supporters, your price would adjust (according to the scaler above).

Each plan type also has a cap on your total database size—or, the total number of people you can have in your database, with or without contact information. Your total database can reach up to 25,000 on our Starter plan, and 100,000 total on our Pro plan.

Is my plan price dependent on the number of people I have using the software?

Unlike some of our competitors, NationBuilder pricing is not tied to the number of “administrators” helping you grow your organization. We believe that distributing leadership is the best way for an organization to flourish, so feel free to add as many control panel users as you need, with no impact on your price.

How does the free trial work?

If you start a 14-day free trial of our Starter or Pro plan, you’ll have complete access to the NationBuilder platform (with the exception of sending email blasts). We’ll send resources to help get you started, and then at the end of the trial period, your account will roll into an annual or monthly subscription on the plan and setting you’ve selected. At any time during your trial period, you can visit the “Settings” tab in your Control Panel to change your plan type and select any add-ons you choose to include once your trial ends. If you’re interested in learning more about our Enterprise plans, fill out the contact form above and our team will be in touch to give you access to a NationBuilder sandbox, along with information on customizing your setup based on your use case.

What are my billing options?

For your convenience, you can choose between monthly and annual billing. Monthly billing is based on the number of people in your database at the time of billing each month, as well as any add-ons or bundles you include in your plan for that month. You get a discount for prepaying on annual billing, and any increases in the number of people in your database or add-on features are discounted as well. Customers on our Starter and Pro plans can expect to pay 20% more on monthly billing than they would on annual billing.

When will I be charged?

Your credit card won’t be charged until the conclusion of your 14-day free trial. At that time, you’ll be charged the monthly price of the plan you select when you start your trial. If you choose to change your selected plan, you can do so at any time in the Settings tab of your NationBuilder control panel. If you’d like to send an email blast or purchase any add on features, you can do after your trial ends, or choose to convert out of trial early by taking one of those actions.

What if I want to cancel?

You can shut down your nation at any time and you will not be charged. You own your own data, so you can always do a full export of your database before you cancel.

What is an add-on, and how can I incorporate one into my plan?

Add-ons are packs and bundles of additional features you can purchase to customize your NationBuilder plan for your organization and your use case. Add ons are available for an additional monthly cost to help you supercharge your organizing work. Both Starter and Pro customers can purchase additional websites and text messaging functionality, while Pro plan users also have access to add on options, including:

  • Customization Pack: which includes two permission sets and five custom fields you can use to segment and distribute leadership with greater specificity in your community;

  • Membership Pack: including four membership levels you can use to tailor the content and functionality available to different tiers of supporters;

  • Automation Pack: which allows you to create four dynamic automations, for instance—several different email series that trigger once supporters have taken specific actions on certain pages of your site.

  • We also offer Political and Grassroots Bundles for customers aiming to win their election or run their advocacy campaign.

Add-ons can be purchased within the Account Settings of your Control Panel once you complete your 14-day free trial. If you’d like to get started sooner, you can choose to convert out of trial by purchasing an add-on at your convenience.

Are add-ons limited to a certain number of users?

No—once you purchase an add-on, that functionality is available to all your Control Panel users for as long as you keep it as part of your plan.

Can I cancel an add-on? What if I want to resume it later?

Add-ons are available on a monthly basis, so if you anticipate that you won’t need your added-on features anymore, you can always remove them. If you’d like to resume, you can add them back to your plan again via [your account settings within the Control Panel]. Our goal, though, is to provide you with features that can help you grow, and that you’ll want to keep using them to make your organizing efforts that much more effective.

What is the Political Bundle?

If you’re working on a campaign to help a leader win their election, the Political bundle will give you a mix of powerful field tools including autodistricting, walk and call sheets, and precinct point people, along with tools to help you save time using automations, distribute leadership to your volunteers with confidence, and be aware of relevant fundraising limits.

Click through the features in the Political bundle to learn more:

How can I tell if the Pro or Enterprise plan is right for me?

As a rule, if most or all of the available add-on packs and bundles contain features you need for your organization, start by contacting our team about custom solutions, so we can put together an Enterprise plan that works best for you. Additionally, Enterprise plans offer advanced features like data insights and networked nations to help you both build and understand your communities on a national or even global scale.

What is a dedicated Account Manager?

Dedicated account managers are available to all Enterprise customers. They’re a bit like personal trainers, in that they’ll continuously help you achieve more by providing strategic guidance and deep NationBuilder expertise. They are available for scheduled phone calls to help you: create a plan to meet your goals, identify problems and recommend tailored solutions, and teach NationBuilder best practices to improve your use of the platform.

How do I access the U.S. voter file?

Once you have your free trial started, submit your voter file request and after we verify that you are using the voter file for allowable political purposes, we will import it into your nation. The voter file is always free when used in NationBuilder, but it will increase the number of people in your nation, which usually increases the cost of your NationBuilder account.

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